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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • How often does the directory come out?
    • Once a year in January or February.
  • What's the deadline for advertising?
    • Mid-December is the cut-off for North Kohala and mid-January is the deadline for Waimea/Hamakua.
  • What size ads are available?
    • Please refer to the Advertising Guidelines & Rates link for complete information.  Sizes include Horizontal Business Card, Double Business Card, ½ Page, and Full Page.
  • What’s the cost?
    • The cost depends on the size of the ad and it’s placement within the directory.  Please refer to Advertising Guidelines & Rates for detailed information.
  • What if I want “Premium Placement” for my ad?
    • Premium Placement, such as back cover, inside front cover, etc., is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis for an additional charge.  The Advertising Guidelines & Rates section describes the available options.
  • For the artwork, what format can you accept?
    • For Business Card sized ads only, we can scan your business card.  For all other sized ads, we can accept PDFs, EPS, TIF or JPEG files. More details are available in the Advertising Guidelines & Rates section.
  • Can I submit a piece of art or photograph for the front cover?
    • The front cover is reserved for artists or galleries to showcase their work.  Included with cover placement is 1/2 page (3.5” x 5”) for a write-up about the artist, the work itself and/or the gallery. The cover image must be an image or scene representative of the region being covered (either North Kohala or Waimea/Hamakua). Though multiple galleries or artists may submit a work for consideration, the publisher reserves the right to make the final selection and to approve the write-up.
  • What if I need help designing my artwork or adjusting the digital format of my existing artwork?
    • The directory’s artist, Matthew Pearce is available to help as needed. Design services are billed at $30 per half hour of work. You will receive a price quote by email which you will have to approve before we start any work. Please refer to Advertising Guidelines & Rates for additional information.
  • Rather than using PayPal, can I mail a check?
    • Yes - it can be made payable to PAMELA HUGGINS and mailed to PO Box 198900 PMB 206, HAWI, HI, 96719
  • What if I’d like additional copies, are they available? 
    • Yes. As long as supplies last. Please email your request to or call Pamela at at 808-895-8769.


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Background photo courtesy of lan Linsdey Fine Art Photography